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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  September 6, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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y: tonigy: tonight, the president asks for patience and a second term. ar barack obama prepares to accept the nomination, we put this question to the first lady- do you think there's a reasonable chance that your husband could lose this election? reports from nancy cordes, norah o'donnell, and bob schieffer. the stock market soars to heights not seen since perfect the-- before the great recession. masoony mason tells us why. mark strassmann on the reincarnation of isaac, and the d orm's oily legacy on the gulf coast. and mark phills with bradley snyder. he lost something precious in the war but back home, he found something priceless. >> to be able to hop in the pool, it gives me an immense amount of confidence moving sorward into life. captioning sponsored by cbs
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hehis is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley, live from the democratic national convention. >> pelley: good evening. legh stakes here tonight for the president of the united states as he tries for a breakout moment in this dead-heat race mir the white house. barack obama will accept the nomination of his party, but under very different circumstances than his first nomination. in 2008, he was leading a movement for hope and change. omy wit, he hopes that the voters impatient with the ag economy will not seek change again so soon. in his speech tonight, mr. obama will say that the american people face the clearest choice of any time in a generation. our campaign 2012 correspondents are covering the convention, and, first, we're going to go to nancy cordes, who has found out more of what the president will say. nancy. >> reporter: scott, obama esdaaign officials tell us that tuesday night michelle obama was about the president's character, and last night with president clinton was about his record and tonight will be about the
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future. maey say president obama will ey s it very clear where he conts to take this country in a excer term. frd we just received excerpts from the speech a few minutes ago. here's what the president will say in part, "i won't pretend that the i'm path i'm offering .s quick or easy. i never have. you didn't elect me to tell you what you wanted to hear. you elected me to tell you the eruth, and the truth is, it will take more than a few years for t to solve challenges that have built up over decades." go on go on to say, scott-- and this is interesting-- that he expects the kind of bold, persistent experimentation that franklin roosevelt pursued rsring the only crisis worse than this one. and, scott, he's going to ask the american people to rally around a set of goals for the country, goals in manufacturing, energy, education, national security, and the deficit, and it appears that he's going to get into some detail, scott, e out those goals. and here's one thing that the obama campaign is glad about, scott, and that's that after two s ans and two conventions, and
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speechesy hundreds of speeches, that it is the president tonight who is going to have the last word. you know, i ran into veteran congressman james clyburn today, and asked him how he thought the president would do following that blockbuster speech by president clinton last night, owd he said, having grown up a baseball fan, that he has seen back-to-back home runs before. >> pelley: nancy, thank you. you might be wondering why the democrats have the last word. well, it's a sitting president's party's option to hold the last convention. the democrats had hoped to stage an outdoor spectacular around mr. obama's speech. it was supposed to be at the home of the carolina panthers, with 65,000 in attendance. denvlling his stadium speech in denver in 2008. but the forecast of thunderstorms has moved this final night back into this arena, which holds 20,000. on tuesday here, mrs. obama
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in your speech on the first night of the convention, you said that the presidency does not change a person, it reveals the person. and i wonder, has this the experience revealed anything to you about your husband that you did not know? t i hat i have seen in him-- and ve been n so impressed-- is how he is able to handle very high- pressured situations with a level of calm, consistency, and calm, c you know, so he doesn't allow his immediate emotions to carry the day. and he-- he keeps me focused because whenever i get tired or frustrated, he's usually the one who, as i said in my speech, reminds me that this is a long game and that patience and sort y. steadfast focus really wins the day.
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>> pelley: what do you get tired ad frustrated about? >> you know, there are-- we don't have time ( laughs ). >> >> pelley: tell me about that. ay is th we won't get into that. but i will say is that my husband's ability to stay focused, you know, and to, you haow, keep this country moving forward has impressed me. >> pelley: you could have said that persistent questioning by reporters gets under your skin. that's a possibility. >> but even that is-- you know. y: do yo ). >> pelley: do you think there's a reasonable chance that your husband could lose this election? >> absolutely not. you know, this country is in a anch better place than it was when he took office. big rm going to be playing a pretty big role, as much as i and being out there and trying to deliver that message, share that vision, you know, remind people about who my husband is, what he's accomplished. so i'm going to do my part for make sur 62 days to make sure that barack obama is the next she's nt of the united states.
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>> pelley: and she's not the ve a loo. have a look at this. the hug seen 'round the world. the president obama embracing former president bill clinton, after d thelinton addressed the convention last night. tonight, norah o'donnell, cohost begicbs this morning" tells us that speech was just the beginning of mr. clinton's role in the campaign. norah. >> reporter: that's right, sc scott. campaign advisers say they thought that speech was vintage bill clinton, so strong they've now lined up a plan to get him to hit the road delivering the message he did last night in battleground states like ohio and florida. it was the kind of endorsement only bill clinton can deliver. >> i want to nominate a man who's cool on the outside, ( cheers and applause ) inside who burns for america on the inside. >> reporter: his speech stretched more than 48 minutes tcng, a detailed rebuttal to early every charge mitt romney
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has made against president obama. >> in tampa, the republican argument against the president reelection was actually pretty simple, pretty snappy. a tent something like this-- we left him a total mess. he hasn't cleaned it up fast enough, so fire him and put us back in. ( laughter ) n president, not me, not any of my predecessors, no one could ha have fully repaired all the dcheee that he found in just four years. ( cheers and applause ). >> reporter: on vice presidential candidate paul t mr's claim that mr. obama is raiding medicare, clinton said savings ars are not benefit cuts but cuts to insurance companies. >> that $716 billion is exactly to the dollar the same amount of medicare savings that he had in his own budget. ( cheers and applause ).
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tu ought to get one thing-- it takes some brass to attack a guy for doing what you did. on's helter: clinton's help this campaign marks a turning point in their relationship, following een hitter 2008 primary fight between hillary clinton and barack obama. and he said unlike republicans, mr. obama has proven he can work with his opponents. >> president obama appointed several members of his cabinet, sen though they supported ngllary in the primaries. ( cheering ) heck, he even appointed hillary. r: andrs and applause ) >> reporter: and, scott, clinton f scally veered off script and ad-libbed almost half of that ch.ech. we've also learned that the final draft came in so late last night, they were fact checking it just 15 minutes before the former president took that stage. reactley: nora thank you. in reaction today, mitt romney t has saidthe last four years, the president has said he was going to create jobs for the
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american people. and that hasn't happened. bob schieffer is joining me here in broadcast booth. bo bob, your thoughts on the obama- clinton alliance we saw last night. >> reporter: i tell you, scott, bill clinton and barack obama were never best buds. we all know that. after all, his wife ran against mr. obama for president. well who would have thought it, but after bill clinton's speech last night, i decide he may be happened to barack obama. i don't care how good the message is, if you can't explain it in a way that people understand, you might as well not say it. after the obama team spent last week trying to answer the old reagan question, "are you better off now than you were four years ago?" clinton gave them last night an answer that people could remember. the republican logic he said was, "we left him a total mess. he hasn't cleaned it up fast enough, so fire him and put us back." no wonder my friend brit hume over at fox said, "if i were ever in trouble, i'd want bill clinton to defend me."
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time and again last night, clinton laid out president obama's positions better, perhaps, than the obama team has been able to do over four years. so maybe they weren't best buds before, but i sense the beginning of a beautiful friendship. as my colleague john dickerson observed, the president hugged clinton so hard after that speech last night, he looked like he was trying to burp him. >> pelley: bob, thanks very much. last week we brought you a series of interviews here with mitt romney and his wife, anne. well, next week we'll have president obama right here on the cbs evening news. >> there was a remarkable momenh the pledge of allegiance led by gabriel gifford the former arizona congresswoman who is crerecovering from an assassinan attempt since january of 2011. she has been in rehabilitation
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learning to walk again and to speak. >> i pledge allegiance to theflf america. and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, liberty and just fisjusticefor all. >> gabriel gifford formercongre. >> unemployment may still behigt is better off now than it was four years ago. that is the stock market. the dow sored 244 points today to close at 13,292. it has not been that high since december of'07. anthony mason is in new tonight. anthony, what's going on? >> reporter: scott, the catalyst was a move by the european central bank that raised hopes that the european debt crisis
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may finally be stabilizing. that's been weighing on the market for months. the e.c.b. today announced a sweeping plan to buy up debt to prop up the euro and protect spain and italy from financial collapse. od ne was also good news here at home. oe number of americans filing first-time unemployment claims fell by 12,000 last week to 365,000. f thehe real barometer of the economy's health will be the monthly unemployment number. that comes out tomorrow, scott. >> pelley: anthony, thank you. a roman catholic bishop today became the highest ranking church official in the country to be convicted in the child sex abuse scandal. bishop robert finn leads the diocese of kansas city, missouri. he was found guilty of one misdemeanor count for failing to report suspected abuse by one of his priests. lyaine quijano is in kansas city tonight. elaine. >> reporter: good evening, truly
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>> reporter: nearly a year after he was charged with failing to report suspected child sex abuse to authorities, bishop robert finn apologized. >> i truly regret and am sorry for the hurt that these events have caused. >> reporter: it was in 2010 that r nn first learned father shawn ratigan's laptop computer contained hundreds of lewd photos of children. very sm are very, very small children. they range in age from two to nine, and father ratigan was taking pornographic pictures of children both on church premises and elsewhere. >> reporter: bishop finn ordered ratigan to stay away from ildrenen. it was only after the priest repeatedly violated finn's rsders that officials alerted six ce. six months had passed. bishop finn argued he did not lave a duty to immediately tell police about ratigan's photos. jean peters baker was a prosecutor. >> we did get a conviction today and at the end of a very protracted trial we would be right here. >> reporter: as a bishop, finn t of the most important posts in the hierarchy of the catholic church, outranked only by cardinals and the pope.
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an advocate for child sex abuse victims: >> i hope it sends a chill up the spines of top catholic officials across the u.s. >> reporter: bishop finn was immediately sentenced to two years' probation. ad at, prosecutors had agreed not pursue jail time for finn if he admitted the ratigan case was ine, thaled properly. on knoley: elaine, thank you. the weather phenomenon known as el el nino is making a comeback. isaac has the gulf coast reliving the b.p. oil spill. and it's a bird, it's a plane, it's putin when the cbs evening news continues. con our teeth two shades whiter and two times stronger. ♪ listerine® whitening... power to your mouth.
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>> >> pelley: we may not have seen the last of isaac. government forecasters said today there's a 40% chance that k'mnants of last week's hurricane will form a tropical cyclone. mark strassmann tells us isaac already has the gulf dealing with the legacy of an earlier disaster. saace're roughly 100 miles from e'e spill site. this tarmac, how big is it? >> this one looks like it's about the length of a large bus or maybe three parked cars. >> reporter: garrett graves took us to elmer's island, a wildlife refuge, to see this blanket of once-submerged oil washed up by hurricane isaac. graves oversees the ongoing b.p. cleanup for the state of louisiana. >> b.p. has up to one million
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barrels of unaccounted oil in the gulf of mexico, and i think it will continue to manifest like this hurricane after hurricane for 10 to 20 years unless b.p. goes out and does a proactive cleanup effort. louisiater: louisiana has closed 13 miles of coastline and anned commercial fishing one mile offshore. this area was one of the hardest hit during the original b.p. still. b.p. has spent $14 billion on the cleanup so far, like mike harrison's b.p. cleanup operations in louisiana. >> the vast majority of our nueanup activities have reached od points in most of the states. i do not believe that this is humans g that, again, is hazardous or humans should be concerned about. weeksporter: state officials here told us that two weeks before isaac hit and left this, b.p. wanted to declare the sland s of elmer's island clean and move on. daott, i talked to b.p. today, they said their army of cleanup crews will be back at in anuisiana tomorrow. >> pelley: mark, thanks very much. the national weather service warned us today the weather
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phenomenon none known as el nino is expected to begin this month ed could last through february. r- nino is formed by warmer- than-normal water temperatures in t in the pacific. it can cause devastating storms in the west, but fewer hurricanes in the east. the last el nino was back in 2009. you know emily dickinson's poems, but do you know her face? a lost image is uncovered, next. [ male announcer ] it's th aspirin plus more in a triple action formula to relieve your tough migraines. new bayer migraine formula. exclusive to the military, and commitment is not limited to one's military oath. the same set of values that drive our nation's military are the ones we used to build usaa bank. with our award winning apps that allow you to transfer funds, pay bills or manage your finances anywhere, anytime.
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>> pelley: arizona has been given green light to enforce the portion of its tough immigration law that requires the police to check the immigration status of people that they stop if they suspect that that person is in the country illegally. the u.s. supreme court upheld that in june. then civil rights activists won a temporary injunction, but yesterday a federal judge lifted the injunction. emily dickinson said the best things dwell out of sight. the poet was famously reclusive but we may be get a rare look at her. researchers at amherst college believe that's miss dickinson on the left in this picture taken in 1859 when she would have been 29 years old. compare that with the only known picture of her taken when she was just a teenager. president obama flies on air force one. russian president vladimir putin, well, have a look.
5:53 pm
this is putin in a motorized hang glider yesterday, leading a flock of siberian cranes in flight. the birds are endangered. they were raised in captivity without their mother. putin's costume was meant to imitate an adult crane so he could teach them how to fly south for winter. an american swimmer at the paralympics. how far he has come cannot be measured in laps. that's next. asured in laps. that's next. people are stuck in very old habits of using toothpaste to clean their denture. but dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can grow and multiply. polident is specifically designed to clean dentures daily. its unique micro-clean formula
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>> the presidential campaign is not the only race that we have been falling, 20 american veterans of the wars in iraq and afghanistan are competing in the para olympics in london. mark phillips met one with an incredible story. >> the wonder of the swimmers is not how fast they go, for at least one is how fast he got here, bradley snyder, a paralympics champion now, exactly one year ago he was championing another cause, the u.s. military effort in afghanistan. his job, the hurt clocker, diffusing the taleban deadly hidden bombs.
5:57 pm
the one that he did not see was the last time he saw anything. >> i recall the entirety of the event, i remember the actual blast itself and remember waking up on the ground. >> from the point when you initially came to after the blast, you still had some vision? >> a little bit in my left eye, correct, shortly thereafter it went away. >> it never came back? >> still looking for it. >> the 28 year-old navy lieutenant bradley snyder was on the naval academy swim team at annapolis, within five weeks of being blinded by the blast ... he was back in the pool. >> it started as just a friendly " let's show my family and friends that i am ok ". let's show everyone that i could still do the things i used to enjoy. so hopping in the pool felt very organic and natural, saying " you are actually still good at something ". and that was an amazing experience.
5:58 pm
>> more amazing is what is happening in london. the 100 m freestyle, bowl, sift the meter freestyle, silver. cubbies are more than just swimming races, >> to be able to hop in the pool and experience success at the level i have, gives me an immense amount of confidence moving forward into life. >> bradley snyder will raise his strongest event tomorrow, one year to the day since the blast that blinded, but did not stop him. mark phillips, a cbs news, london. >> that is the cbs evening news, i will be back with bob schieffer at 7 with the president's address, and cbs this morning will have the latest on campaign 2012 tomorrow. for all of us at cbs news, all around the world, see you soon. >> good evening i am dana king
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>> i am alan martin. >> contra costa area carmichael presbyterian church end of watch, some timber theft, 2012. less than an hour ago, the first formal tribute for chp officer killed in the line of duty. the bell ringing ceremony held at the chp academy in west sacramento. fellow officers, co-workers, and cadets, paid their respects to the officer that died wednesday evening. we learned today that he has allowed eight others to live in his death. christin ayers tells us that several of his organs have been donated. >> that is correct, we actually spoke to a group today who interacted with the family over those donations.


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